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Enkel™ Splicer Electronics

We have designed and engineered better replacement boards for your Enkel™ splicers.  Our test and repair service helps save you money by making simple repairs to electronics that may be very costly to replace outright.

Our electrical engineers are able to test and repair all the boards used in the Enkel™ Autoweb and Enkel™ Zerospeed model splicers.


Picture of Splicer Electronic Boards 
Spare Part Solutions has designed and engineered a splicer board that exceeds OEM specifications.

 Picture of Hoist Driver and Logic Boards

We also supply Hoist Driver and Logic Boards.
Picture of 24 Volt Power Supply 

We can supply all your 24 volt Power Supply needs.

Our Electrical Engineers are able to test and repair Warner™ MCS-203 EN controls for a fraction of the cost of new.

Picture of Warner Control Boards Picture of Warner Control Boards 


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